Providing an eclectic mix of multicultural talent from age 7 to 70

Byram Hancock Associates

A unique collaboration between two established talent agencies; Paul Byram Associates and The Hancock Agency each with almost a decade’s experience in the UK as individual talent agencies.

BHA Agency represents clients from numerous ethnic backgrounds with various language skills  based in the UK, Europe and Beyond

Eclectic Mix of Talent

Clients include: American, German, Italian, English, Scottish, Eqyptian,  Ghanian, Afro-Caribbean, African, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Chinese & Indian


Peaky Blinders, The Alienist, Casualty, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Doctors, Evermoor, The Terror, plus many more


Bladerunner 2049, The Twilight Saga, Mum's List, Spider-Man: Far From Home,


Nintendo, Volkswagen, Phillips, BT, Petit Filous, Oxfam, DFS, Audi, DU,

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process you want

Effective. Understanding.

we take the time to get to know our clients.

In a highly saturated market we take time to discuss the individual hopes and aspiations of our clients and help them identify their unique selling points and skills and best prepare them for a career in the arts.

We are always available for a chat and to listen to and advise when clients need a little bit of a boost. 

Identifying a client’s strengths and suggesting ways to improve is an integral part of our methodoly. We can recommend which photographer would best suit our clients,  who to see for vocal and accent coaching and even offer suggestions for additional training if required.

from people you like

Cooperative. Detail Oriented.

We work with our clients to suggest the best way forward for them individually and promote an environment of co-operation.

Career guidance, additional training advice, Social Networking adviee (inclding what to avoid) are all services we offer.

We use  the leading client management software; Tagmin, to ensure our client profiles are always up to date .and they can keep us advised of periods of unavailability easily.

Tagmin for clients, available as a web service or phone app, enables us to notify clients of meetings, offers and submissons. In adddition to these day to day features Tagmin is also used to generate client statements and reports when required.

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